What You Need to Know About Lenders Loans Income statement on loans

Income statement on loans

Usually, an ID card, mobile phone, and bank account in Poland are sufficient for non-bank companies to grant a loan. Sometimes it is also required to provide the source and amount of income obtained in the application.

An identity card is usually enough

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In such cases, the verification of the accuracy of this information is done by a phone conversation with the employer. Such a system applies, among others.

Why an income certificate?

Why can a loan company request proof of income? First of all, to make sure that the borrower has a stable source of income that will allow him to pay back the money on time. The income certificate also confirms the form of employment and the period that the client works in the given company and gives the lender certainty that the applicant is not in the period of notice of termination of employment.

Usually, relevant documents are required when the client has an uncertain situation, e.g. is entered on the list of one of the registers of economic information offices (BIG). Not all non-bank companies automatically refuse a decision to persons appearing in the National Debt Register (KRD), ERIF Register of Debtors and BIG Monitor.

The most popular document confirming having a permanent source of funds needed for maintenance is a certificate of income (under an employment contract, contract of mandate, contract for specific work or receiving a pension, annuity – payslip). The document should be valid for 1 month from its issue.

If you run your own business, a non-banking company may require you to present a statement of income and, e.g. These requirements are set by SMS Credit for its customers, offering single and multi-loan loans via the Internet, SMS or telephone.

Businesses can request a bank statement

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A non-bank company, wanting to make sure that you regularly receive money, and thus – you are able to repay the loan within the prescribed period, may request a bank statement.

Usually, the document must cover the last three months – thanks to which the lender can verify if you have a stable and systematic income.

Loan companies that ask for an income certificate

Loan companies that ask for an income certificate

Which companies can request an income certificate or other additional documents during the verification process? Such a requirement may appear in the case of Cream Bank, Best Bank or Lite Lender. On the other hand, HeroCredit must provide a document confirming income of at least USD 500 per month.