Knowing the Parts and Functions of Cordless Impact Driver

All impact drivers have parts and each has designated functions. Knowing what they are and to what they are used for is important for the proper handling of the device. If you already have one, familiarizing the purpose of the cordless impact driver’s parts is a good idea. This is not just to inform yourself but to help yourself stay away from any injury that may happen due to ignorance.makita-lxdt06-18v-impact-driver-kit

Basic Parts of Cordless Impact Driver


lightLED or the Light Emitting Diode is simply a small white or colored light source and comes in many different sizes and shapes. LED lights can be found in most impact drivers for efficient working even in poorly-lit spaces. However, you can found several LED lights on some cordless impact models being placed in a circle the chick area. The LED light will turn on automatically when the speed control trigger is pulled and when it is released, it turns off.
The number of LED lights found in a compact driver and where they are located will depend on the model and make of the device. More light is brighter and when they are placed at the front of the tool, it can help to make your screw or hole drilling easier.


The part of cordless impact driver that holds a screwdriver and drill bits is called a chuck. Most impact drivers have a quick-release hexagonal chuck. This kind of chuck can accept screwdriver or drill bits with hexagonal shanks but they should be in the correct size to match. The chuck will rotate to drive in screws or any drill holes when the speed control trigger is being pulled.
In cordless tools, there are different types of chuck but the type found on a cordless impact driver is called a ‘quick-release’ or ‘quick-change’ chuck because it takes less time to insert or take away the bits. Most chucks have a metal bit holder surrounded by a spring-loaded outer sleeve that can simply be pulled back or forward to insert or remove bits making the process easier.chuck


The motor is a clever little machine used to convert the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy that gives the rotation everything it required to turn the chuck. The combination of speed and torque is the power of the motor, and all cordless impact drivers have a motor inside. The higher the motor’s wattage, the more efficient the impact driver is and can bring a greater level of torque at a higher speed.

It has two type, brushed motor and brushless motor, which type of them have useful different.
However, motors also have limitations too. If you are working for long periods of time and driving in heavy-duty jobs, the motor starts to heat up. Motor heat up is just normal, but when it happens frequently, your motor can be damaged.


The area where the cordless impact driver is held is the part called grip. Impact driver’s grip can be plastic, or rubber depends on the model and makes of the device, but both can give exceptional protection to the hand.


The rechargeable battery of the impact driver can be removed when the time come that you need to charge it. In impact drivers, there are three batteries being used: the nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and the most common lithium-ion. The three different batteries also have their own building materials and it is the only thing that makes them different.


The speed control trigger is one of the most important parts of an impact driver which it makes the device operated. Once the trigger is pulled, the chuck starts turning. And when you pull the trigger in further, the faster the chuck turns. On the other hand, the more you release it, the slower the chuck will turn. Releasing the trigger will make the impact stop completely.
When it comes to the measurement of cordless impact driver’s speed, the RPM or the Rotations per Minute is used where one full turn of the chuck is equivalent to one rotation.


The forward and reverse is a switch that allows users to rotate the direction of the turning chuck. The forward means clockwise rotation, and it is used to insert drill holes and screws. On the other hand, reverse means anti-clockwise which is used to move away screws as well as drill bits.
Pushing this switch into the central position locks the impact driver in the ‘off’ setting. When this happen, and you are ignoring the turning chuck, injuries may occur.

Unfortunately, here is some important function of impact driver you should know if you want to care how to you it for most effective, read on.

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